Tandori franchise

If you wish to obtain any information regarding the acquisition of a Tandori franchise, feel free to contact our franchising department. You will find all our contact information on the page "Contact" of this Website.

General information - The steps to becoming a Tandori franchisee

1. Application and Contact
The first step to acquiring a Tandori franchise is to fill out our confidential APPLICATION FORM. Once we have received this information a representative from Tandori will call you to discuss your interest and qualifications.

2. Personal Interview
If the initial contact indicates a strong potential for you to become a franchise owner we will arrange to meet with you in person, without obligation. The meeting may be conducted at any of MTY’S regional offices across Canada or in your area.

You should understand that this is an exciting process but it’s your hard work, dedication, and continued personal involvement, guided by the Tandori corporate team, that will be the key ingredients in your success.

3. Reaching a Decision
After you have carefully read all the documents and materials and have asked all your questions, calculated your financial status, you should seek additional opinions from your lawyer, accountant, and other business advisors, as these professionals will advise you in the points of finances, taxes, and other business implications. Guided by this input and your acceptance as a Tandori franchise, will enable you to proceed with the process.

4. Initial Fee
To proceed and get closer to owning your very own Tandori restaurant you must submit a deposit of $10,000.00 which will generally be applied against the franchise fee, at the time we execute a franchise agreement.

5. Market Evaluation and Site Selection
Once all the above steps have been completed we will evaluate your proposed market area, and will engage real estate agents to assist us in finding, negotiating and choosing a site. This is part of the service and guidance and support that we offer.

6. Financing
At the same time as we are choosing a site, favourable financing must be secured for your Tandori restaurant. Tandori (MTY) does not offer any direct financing, however we can recommend financial institutions across the country which can assist you in meeting your requirements.

7. Turn Key Construction
Once your financing is secured and prior to the start of construction of your Tandori restaurant, you will be required to sign a lease and a franchise agreement that will require that you execute a personal guarantee.

The construction period usually takes between 6 to 9 weeks.

8. Required Training
Training encompasses three phases:

Phase 1: The Franchise owner(s) and / or manager must complete his or her training successfully prior to the Tandori restaurant opening. This training is part of our service and support, but the franchise /owner is responsible for transportation, lodging, and living expenses when applicable.

Phase 2: The franchise / owner(s) along with the guidance of our operations team will choose, and prepare the Tandori staff members and restaurant for a successful opening.

Phase 3: Our corporate team will be with you from the onset to help and assure all the Tandori team members get the training and follow up. This support will be very close and will continue during the first few weeks of opening and will be ongoing during the term of our agreement, although at a lesser frequent rate.
Go ahead! Jump into a new adventure!

For initial contact and information, please fill out this Application Form

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